Management System

How many hours you lose on daily basis just to understand what is the health condition of your patient? Medical conditions are important to be well recognized and treated. CMS systems are an important tool which are built with the aim to collect as much as possible data and at the same time to save the doctor’s time.

You can prepare a series of questions to which the patient can answer online from their home. Afterwards the answers will be sent to you and will give you a detailed description of his/her health status. This data is kept online so that you can compare and monitor it on a later stage. All this process saves you time and gives you a more adequate overview about the health condition of your patient.

Relationship Management

Do you still collect your patient’s data on paper? Based on the local requirements, you are obliged to keep detailed track of all your patients, dates of the visit and medical treatments. This is a huge volume of information to which you need to have access at any moment. In some countries this is related to huge amount of paper documents.

CRM systems are created to handle all these tasks and to help you automate the input of information about any of your patients. This saves you a lot of time, space and costs. Modern CRM systems can manage additional tasks like e-files, online booking, file backups, appointment reminders, telemedicine and many more.

Resource Planning

When your team is free? Are your costs optimized? Do you have enough patients? Once your team grows it becomes harder to manage it. Time planning, costs, patient schedules and many other things become more and more time and resources consuming. ERP systems are designed to facilitate all your daily tasks and to help you manage both your team and patients. This brings you more free time and helps you grow your profit. And of course, patients receive more attention and higher quality of services.


We deliver digital solutions for any type of classical or alternative medical professionals. We deliver software products to medical universities, hospitals, nutrition specialists, dentists and many more.


Amosys is a SaaS based ERP platform helping dental technician labs to organize and control all aspects of their business: managing inventory, receiving and managing orders, assigning and tracking tasks to internal lab members, producing and delivering items to their clients (dental clinics). It is based on an advanced user management architecture and provides real-time communication between all involved parties and powerful analytics and reporting module.

Bulbera was hired for building the entire product from scratch including design, backend and frontend.

Key Features:

– Enterprise ready – enhanced user authentication and authorization architecture
– Advanced order management
– Real-time client / supplier communication
– Easy team collaboration and task tracking
– Reporting and analytics
– Cloud-based



We built a full scale ERP system for a large EU-based care service provider. The platform helps them manage the daily activities in their network of care homes and their teams and facilitates monitoring the welbeing of their clients. The main focus of the solution is to improve the quality of the service by keeping and organizing personal information for each client so the carers can use it later on their dedicated tablets. This improves their level of communication and engagement with the clients. The platform also gives the possibility of families to be in contact with their parents living in the care homes.

Key features:

– Enterprise ready – designed for multiple care homes
– Advanced activities management
– Easy tablet-based access for carers
– Online connection between families and their relatives
– Reporting and analytics
– Cloud-based


We were approached by Vita Rama healing center with a task to develop their new patients’ management system. The task required to build a brand new tool which had nothing in common with standard medical software on the market. Vita Rama has a unique workflow and requires specific information to be entered by doctors, nutritionists, therapists and patients via personalized accounts.

The new system is optimized for mobile experience and has separate modules for patients and for Vita Rama’s team.
It helps managing patients, visits, examinations, keeps record of past treatments and results. It also provides the option to fill in health questionnaires and receive feedback from the health specialists entirely through the system. All this data is searchable and sortable via different criteria and can be exported for easier analysis.


Asthma Center is a practice helping patients with lung diseases.The doctors carry out numerous tests to diagnose their patients and keep track of all that is happening using the management console we created for them.

The ERP gathers all the information needed  – from the patients’ personal details to their treatment and  upcoming visits.All the info is at one place – sortable and searchable using different criteria  with option to export selected data.


We were approached by the Medical University in Pleven with a task to develop an ERP system containing information about patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The doctors’ team wanted an electronic register which will allow tracking all indicators for patients who need continuous oxygen treatment and therapy at home. They wanted to improve the medical care of the patients by using an integrated system containing all the patients’ details, planned visits, etc. and having all this data sortable with the option to be exported.

Who are We?

Bulbera is a multiple time award-winning innovative software company with a team of experts with over a decade of experience in the medical and digital world. Confident in our approach, we develop a simple and efficient software solutions which facilitate your daily life and optimize your revenues. We work hard no matter the scope to ensure you get the best product tailored for your needs.


Our team adds value to your idea at every stage of the project: from clarifying your initial concept, analyzing requirements, designing and developing software applications right through delivery, integration and support. During the years we had the experience in building our own products as well as sharing our expertise with our clients and helping other companies deliver their projects.

We create digital solutions which suit perfectly your medical services